Sichel Medal


The Herbert Sichel Medal is awarded annually to the member (or members) of the Association who has (have) published the best statistical paper during the previous year.

The following rules will govern the award in 2022:

  1. Papers on theoretical or applied statistics are eligible.

  2. Single- and co-authored papers in which at least one of the principal authors is a member of SASA who is a South African citizen or a South African resident with their primary place of residence and Work in South Africa will be considered.

  3. The papers must have been published (either online or in hard copy) in 2021.

  4. Papers appearing in refereed journals, in fully refereed conference proceedings or as refereed chapters in books are eligible (books, theses or dissertations are not).

Nominations for the award may be made by a member of SASA (who is not an author) or submissions may be made by the author(s). An individual may only submit one paper for the award.

  1. In evaluating the papers for the medal, the panel will use the following set of criteria:

• The impact of the paper in its specific field

• How innovative are the ideas or techniques used in the paper

• The relevance of the problem being addressed

• How well-written is the paper

  1. The decision by SASA on the award of the medal will be final. The membership of the panel is still to be finalised. Any member of the panel who is themselves a nominee will be replaced by someone not nominated for the medal.

  2. All nominations must be made via email to


2021: S Buitendag, J Beirlant and T de Wet

2020: DA Burger, R Schall, R Jacobs and D-G Chen

2019: C Pretorius & JWH Swanepoel

2018: A Smit, A Kijko & A Stein

2017: L Haines

2016: PJ de Jongh, T de Wet, H Raubenheimer & H Venter

2015: MS Finkelstein & J Vaupel

2014: MM Varughese & EAD Pienaar

2013: F Lombard & CJ Potgieter

2012: I MacDonald, W Zuchinni & R Langrock

2011: AJ van der Merwe & D Chikobvu

2010: M Varughese

2009: LK Debusho & LM Haines

2008: IL MacDonald & W Zucchini

2007: MS Finkelstein & V Esaulova

2006: F Lombard

2005: PJ de Jongh & JH Venter

2004: MS Finkelstein

2003: JWH Swanepoel & FC van Graan

2002: JWH Swanepoel

2000: CF de Beer & JWH Swanepoel

1999: JS Maritz & CJ Lombard

1998: F Lombard

1997: JH Venter & SJ Steel